USA and the Greek-American community

USA and Omogeneia

The successful history of Greek Diaspora in the U.S. coupled with the geopolitical developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, give a strong potential for Greece. Through meetings, initiatives and lecture series we are trying to bring closer our allies, expose them to our national interests in a serious and responsible manner, in order to strengthen our ties and lay the foundation for new partnerships.

The United States is not only a valuable ally but a strategic choice for Greece, which includes lines of cooperation in many areas. Unfortunately, for many years the perception of many Greeks to the U.S. was either based on an anti-imperialist perspective or in connection with Turkey. We lost valuable time, until we realised that our relation with the US has its own dynamics and will grow as we are active and committed to this direction. The presence of the Greek Diaspora plays a key role in this process. Through the successes of its members the Diaspore provides a wide network of relations both in the academic and business sectors. As a Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, I worked in that direction together with the SAE in order to better adapt to the challenges of the new era.

Moreover, an important issue concerning the influence and prestige of Greece, its the clarity of our foreign policy and our ability to support them in national and international fora. Unfortunately, until now this was done in a fragmented and not productive way to our allies, who couldn’t understand our positions. Through a series of lectures and meetings, we are trying to highlight our comparative advantages and restore the prestige of the country. In fact we want to demonstrate that Greece is the best choice for long-term U.S. interests in Southern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean.


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